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Driven by CrossFit Temecula South is not for everyone.

We're simply not for everyone...

A strange opening statement for a business who is trying to attract customers, right?

But we aren't trying to attract just any customers. We are not about packing in large numbers of people who are satisfied with mediocrity. We are about quality over quantity. We only want to attract...

  • You who are committed.
  • You who hunger for improvement and thirst for change.
  • You who are willing to DO THE WORK it takes to change.

Does this mean you have to be the fittest or the strongest to be welcomed here? Absolutely not.

In fact, we open our arms to you if you are the weakest, the most out-of-shape, the most intimidated. Why? Because we know that you will be committed, and we know that we will change your life. After training here, you will no longer be the weakest. You will no longer be the most out-of-shape. You will no longer be intimidated.

If you are looking for the cheapest option, or the gym that's closest to your house, we probably aren't for you. If you are looking for someone who will let you "check the box," we are not for you. If you aren't willing to work harder than you have ever worked in your life, we are not for you.

We are more expensive than other gyms because we are worth it - and we have the results to go along with it. (See our coaches' bios and success stories.) When you sign up to be coached, you are making an investment in yourself. You are putting a price on your life, your longevity, your health. You are putting a value on your ability to play with your kids, get up off the floor, or see your grandchildren get married. Think about all of the things you spend money on in a year because it's "worth it."

Now think about how many of those things directly impact your quality and length of life. Training at Driven will directly impact your life. So make sure you are committed to investing in yourself!

If you are committed to your health and longevity, then please email us at!

Testimonials from our members, CrossFit, Temecula, Driven by CFTS

"Driven has taught me to like my body better. I am Stronger now than ever before, in better health, my thighs aren't skinny; they're meaty and strong. I don't want to be skinny anymore. I strive for fit. And Driven helps me achieve that. Every day. I love this place. I love the people in this place. I have become a better person in the last 2 years of training here because of it."

- Robbi Wood

Testimonials from our members, CrossFit, Temecula, Driven by CFTS

"Driven by CrossFit Temecula South is an awesome group of people. Anneke and Dusty are the real deal, they are educated trained athletes and coaches. My short 6 month experience there was very positive and I hope to join the box again in the future."

- Summer Moseley Rinderspacher

Testimonials from our members, CrossFit, Temecula, Driven by CFTS

"This is such a positive place! I visit California a couple times a year and get to WOD at CFTS. I receive encouragement and fantastic coaching when I am there! Amazing space, amazing place!"

- Becky Johnsen

Testimonials from our members, CrossFit, Temecula, Driven by CFTS

Workout of the Day

  • Wednesday 01.28.15
    Driven – CrossFit Deadlift (Deload Week 3X10 @ 50%) Snatch Grip Push Press: (from rack) (3×5 – keep it light! – warm-up for...
  • Tuesday 01.27.15
    Driven – CrossFit Strict Press (Deload Week 3X10 @ 50%) Barbell Step-Ups (3X5 each leg) Push Up Rotations (5 Each Direction) Single Leg...
  • Monday 01.26.15
    Driven – CrossFit Front Squat (Deload Week 3×10 @ 50%) Strict Pullups Metcon (Weight) EMOM for 10 minutes 3 position power cleans Non-barbell...

Conditioning WOD

  • Sunday, Sept 21
    Buy-In:  1 mile run then.. 3 rounds of 500m row 20 walking lunges 15 ab mat sit-ups 10 plate ground to overhead (45/25)...
  • Friday, Sept 19th
    Warm-up:  7-6-5-4-3-2-1 wall ball shots ring rows ab mat sit-ups   Metcon:  5 rounds for time 10 box jump overs 5 pullups 10...
  • Thursday, Sept 18th
    CROSSFIT & CONDITIONING Speed & Agility Circuit *Movements determined by coach of your class. Strength/Skill: Weighted Step-ups: 3 x 5 each leg Ring...


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